March 27, 2006


= the number of stair steps from where I park my car to my office.

Now that I have to pay to go to meetings, I have a financial incentive to return to my goal weight. After being "off the wagon" for a while, it's proving a little tough to get that extra half stone taken care of... not because I'm hungry or unhappy about counting points again... but mainly because I'm out of the habit of counting points, and I don't have the successful low point environment around me.

Slowly, I'm getting great tasting, conveniently packaged, low point foods around me, it's getting easier. I'm also avoiding the elevator and taking advantage of those 206 stairs to do my body good, along with our elliptical trainer at home. And, since I have until mid month... I only have to get rid of about a pound a week.

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Anonymous said...

One Word: Adkins!