April 19, 2006


I hope Katherine, Jason, and Giles are happy. It seems Reganne is going to the dark side of the force. Oh well, maybe she'll be a graphic designer.

Only two more days until we see reganne.com!


Kat Coble said...

Maybe God is trying to tell you something....

Anonymous said...

You don't know the power of the... wait a minute, I guess you actually have experienced it before. Now, which is the dark side again? ;)

Also, while graphic designer was an easy match for many Mac users in the 90's, why stop there? Draw her horizons to be as wide as possible. While I've not met Reganne beyond your warm descriptions of her on these pages, I am confident that when the time comes, such an obviously bright child (notice that she's not just looking at that iMac, but is driving it with the mouse, too) will gravitate toward and excel in the work she finds most compelling and rewarding. If one is to speculate on her future solely based on who uses Macs these days, one must also consider a great many other fields: business owner, lawyer, research scientist, writer, musician, composer, filmmaker, President of the United States, and quite possibly some field of endeavor which we've not even heard of, yet. Go, Reganne! =)