May 16, 2006

open by tax free weekend?

According to The Tennessean (link good for about a week,) Steve and Barry's is coming to Hickory Hollow Mall. I discovered this store at Grapevine Mills and have been hoping they'd find their way to middle Tennessee. When we visited, they were having an everything in the store for $7.98 sale. We're talking jeans, t-shirts, sweats, polo shirts, hats, leather jackets... everything.

(Okay, I should explain that the leather jackets I referred to had Marlboro logos on them... and would otherwise have been free with some sort of multiple carton purchase... but if you really wanted one, it would only have been $7.98.)

Steve and Barry's started as a university store and quickly expanded into non-university settings. Accordingly, lots of their apparel is college branded... or pseudo college branded. For instance, they'll have a bright orange T-shirt with the word "TENNESSEE" on it... but no logo or mention of any copyright. Likewise, you'll find a burnt orange shirt with "TEXAS" on it, a blue shirt with "FLORIDA" in orange letters, etc. But you won't find any shirts with "BAYLOR" or "VANDERBILT" on them. Pretty sneaky, eh? The upshot is, college and other casual apparel cheap.

More detailed article on Steve and Barry's

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