June 9, 2006


Run, don't walk. Okay, speed out and go see Cars. This is almost unbelievably Pixar's best film - it's amazing that they actually could top themselves again. There are only a couple of plot points where you think, "okay, they did that because it's a kid's film."

Beyond the phenomenal graphics and the amazing storytelling ability, the movie excels in two unexpected ways:
  • the cameos are hilarious... more than any other Pixar movie, and very appropriate to the subject matter. You'll get them if you're a fan of NASCAR, NBC (sports) or NPR.
  • they had the most amazing opportunity to sell out... you're doing a NASCAR-styled film... so you could have literally tens of thousands of product placement opportunities on in to the merchandising opportunities... but they don't. Not a single brand in the film is real.

And, if you're a fan of Pixar films (or of a certain Cheers star,) be sure you stay into the credits. Self-referential was never so funny.

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