July 8, 2006

clean up, clean up

As you can tell by the new look around here, we've cleaned up a bit around the blog. The old template was just getting a bit too unwieldly. Also, since blogrolling now supports graphic links in the free account, the links at right now update with a little "NEW!" text when the blog updates.

We've spent Saturday cleaning up around the house, both inside and out. We started the day with our new hedge trimmer, which made short work of our overgrown shrubbery, and finished up inside.

It's nice to spend some time in the house... we haven't been here much lately!


Emmitt said...

My wife wants hedge trimmer. I figure that as much as we would use one, we can borrow the in laws' trimmer.

Kat Coble said...

Your wife should be married to my husband.

No. Not really. That wouldn't work out so well for you or me.

But that dude uses the hedge trimmer 3x a week.

Then again, all who know him know his nature.