July 22, 2006

sweatin' to the newies

A couple of weeks back at SonPower, I discovered something that should have been blatantly obvious. A great way to fool yourself into exercising is by combining it with something that totally distracts you.

Of course, consult your physician, I don't condone this, yada yada.

This kind of happened in a "You got your chocolate in my peanut butter" sort of way. I brought my PSP down to the workout room to listen to some podcasts while I walked on the treadmill. When I flipped it on, I realized I hadn't finished a game of Lumines, so I started walking and playing at the same time.

75 minutes later, I knew I was on to something.

Lumines is kind of Tetris-like - it requires your brain to be engaged, but that's it. And, the score to the game is very europop, so it encourages you to get a good tempo going for cardio.

The bottom line? I really look forward to hopping on our elliptical trainer now, and I get a good workout, a good game (my high score has skyrocketed from 247673 to this morning's high of 584584) and I don't have to look like a fool while I'm doing it.


Emmitt said...

I used to set up my digital projector in front of my exercise bike, but eventually the novelty wore off. By the way in the past, Sonpower was great for my small town kids. They loved it and got to sing with a group of kids larger than 20.

Emmitt said...

I have thought a little about your idea which is a good one. The only problem for me is that I alomost fall down trying to untangle my headphones to my mp3 player.