July 24, 2006


We have a friend in Waco who had a premature little girl named Anya about two months ago. Anya weighed 1 pound, 12 ounces at birth and needed all sorts of machines to survive. Today, she is four pounds and is scheduled to go home! She has amazed everyone. People all over the world have prayed for Anya, and God has answered those prayers.

It just so happened while I was surfing ebay a couple of weeks ago that I found a ready-to-smock preemie bishop. I smocked it and sent it to Anya on Saturday. It was the smallest thing I have ever smocked! I figure it will make a great doll dress when she grows out of it. Here are a couple of pictures of the dress and one of Anya:

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, thoughtful gift!