August 7, 2006

scooba dooba doo

Several months ago, Patrick bought me a Roomba Discovery. I loved it. A vacuum might not be considered a great gift for a husband to give his wife, but a robotic vacuum, is another story. It does a great job on the carpet and hard floors with minimal effort from us.

Well, the folks at iRobot came out with a sibling for the Rooba, the Scooba, which mops hard floors. A couple of weeks ago, I told Patrick I was considering using Christmas money to get one in a few months. On Friday, I was at Target to take advantage of Tennessee's first tax-free weekend, and there were two Scooba 5900's on a clearance end cap for HALF PRICE. I decided to go home and think about it, and went back that afternoon and got one. Patrick posted the deal on FatWallet and an internet frenzy quickly ensued. The same Scooba was featured on Woot today, for $80 more.

We charged it overnight and then put it into action in the kitchen on Sunday afternoon. It did a great job and like the Roomba, was fun to watch. It comes with a virtual wall, but we didn't need it since it knows to stop at the carpet. I'll never mop again!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the scooba deal! I check in on you guys every now and again, and based on this and redbeard's deal notification on fatwallet, we picked up the last one in the KC metro. We also like it so far-- especially how it scrubs away the inevitible mashed peas and bananas that end up on the floor after Aidan's meals.
Take care all!

-Cousin Dave