August 25, 2006


August 21, 2006 - the week of the shoes (for Patrick.)

First, I decided to stop my insanity. I have a great pair of black Rockport oxfords that I live in. Unfortunately, somewhere between the sole and the bottom of the right shoe, the glue has given way, and I get a very loud squeak noise walking down the hall. I can minimize it by kind of walking on the outside of my foot, but that'll probably give me some sort of long-term complex. The solution is to replace the durn things. It's been a while since I've gotten a new pair of shoes anyway. First stop, froogle, second shop and my new black cap-toe Rockports are on the way from Mississippi.

Then the deals hit. First the marketing genii at amazon allowed two $20 off deals to overlap. Enter another pair of Rockports - this time burgundy.

Second, REI knocked half off all their clearance items. Hello jogging/exercising shoes. ($60 marked down to $15!)

I think this may all have been triggered by having to think about what to get my assistant who's leaving. It ended up being a gift certificate to Off Broadway. Maybe I'm trying to compensate for her departure. Or maybe I just needed some shoes.

Update: The REI order was cancelled due to lack of inventory. :( However, I neglected to mention that a couple of weeks prior, I also obtained a pair of Crocs (and got a great deal on them, of course.)

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Emmitt said...

I recently purchased a pair of slip on shoes from lands end so I can get through the metal detector at court quickly. They are comfortable and they don't even set off the detector. They do ocasionally make a pooting sound.