September 11, 2006

labor day surprise

Last weekend, we took a quick trip to Ohio to visit Pop and Polly. On the recommendation of Lydia's mom's friend Kay, we visited Lynn's Paradise Cafe. Near the University of Louisville, this restaurant looks like a transplant straight from Austin.

Lydia quickly made friends there. They have great "breakfast for dinner" and other eclectic entrees.

After dinner we headed to our favorite Dayton area hotel and checked in.

Saturday morning, we connected with Pop and Polly and had a great time just spending two on two quality time with them. We went to the new outdoor concept mall in Fairborn with them, visited the bookstore and had lunch. That evening, we went out to dinner with them and my Aunt and Uncle Dennis and Jeannie.

The next morning, I sang at First Baptist Bellbrook and Pop and Polly treated us to lunch at The Golden Lamb. However... on the way out of the parking lot at church, I casually asked Pop and Polly if they would mind having Dave and Allison join us for dinner that evening! Allison had called from the Atlanta airport and let us know that they had the chance to non-rev up to Dayton that afternoon.

Unbeknownst to me, Allison had also called our cousin Stephanie who joined us for dinner too. We had 75% of the (biological) grandchildren in attendance! Does that count as a family reunion?

After a wonderful dinner at North China Restaurant, we retired to Pop and Polly's. We spent lots of time talking and passing around albums and had a great time, reminiscing about our time growing up, Pop and Polly's life experiences, and stories about our Moms growing up! It was all over too soon. We really enjoyed deepening our family roots with our multiple generations.

It was indescribably wonderful. As Lydia says, "when we leave Pop and Polly's, we know that we've been loved all over." Posted by Picasa

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Go Grandkids! (o: