September 6, 2006

where credit is due

Last night, I came in from work still exhausted from our great weekend trip (more about that later). I checked the mail, and there were two envelopes with applications for Family Christian Stores' credit card. We have gotten several of these, and they turn my stomach every time. It really ticks me off that a "Christian" bookstore is doing something to get people into debt.

I decided I had had enough, and I called the number listed on the application to have our names removed from their mailing list. Of course, the number I called was a massive credit card company and not Family Christian Stores, and I'm pretty sure it was answered by someone in India. I asked the man to remove us from the list, and he put me on hold. I didn't really think that he would come back on the line, but he did.

He said, "Mrs. Watts I will remove you from our mailing list, but before I do, did you know that this card has a special offer right now..."

I said, "No, the reason I called to be taken off your list is because I AM NOT INTERESTED IN THE CARD."

I didn't go all Dave Ramsey on him, but it was tempting.

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DEBTective said...

Dollface, I'm proud of you for nixing the plastic and doing thing's Dave Ramsey's way. He makes sense, doesn't he? Also, great job of holding your temper, since it's easy to blow your top when dealing with credit!