October 21, 2006

no posts is... good posts?

Lydia and I have been spending the week getting over our twice-annual malaise. I know that we missed our opportunity for 15 minutes, but there hasn't been much to blog about. Today's pretty much the first day either of us has felt like accomplishing anything. Last night was the first night I didn't wake up in the middle of the night in a coughing fit. It's really odd - when you're so nasally-focused, you get the feeling that you're incapable of making decisions or paying attention to things.

As a result, this week has been pretty uneventful at the Watts house. Lots of catching up on Tivo. Today we hit Weight Watchers and get some stuff done around the house.

Oh, and I just got done ripping a DVD to my mini and it averaged 47 frames per second!

See, like I said, maybe no posts is good posts. :D

1 comment:

Emmitt said...

It's strange to think of you guys doing weight watchers.