November 1, 2006

all hallows eve

Inspired by Katherine's liveblogging, I thought I should at least report on the traffic at Casa Watts last night:

We had about 20 groups of trick or treaters, totaling about 50 kids.

Interesting statistics:
- 86% not from our neighborhood
- 12% teenagers, of which half were collecting canned goods for the Nashville Rescue Mission rather than candy (and really... they didn't even take any of the offered candy.) A marvelous idea for really-you're-too-old kids to transition out of Halloween. Kudos to Tusculum Cumberland Presbyterian Church - they were the ones who sent their junior high kids out (accompanied by an adult.)
- 12% kids who didn't comply with the request to "take one please"
- 8% unaccompanied tweenies
- 2% Superman back for candy three times
- 2% dressed-up skinny guy in his mid-40s with no accompanying kids... skeevy... glad Lydia was not at the door for that one.

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Anonymous said...

Houston Trick or Treaters update
Total trick or treaters = 105
Total time = 90 minutes
Total kids who said "not me this time, I was already here" = 2 (a "tweener" and a 4 year old)
Total number who were left in the bathroom at the neighbor's house and was brought by previously mentioned 4 year old = 1
Genuine "thank you"s from "tweeners" = enough to satisfy
Smashed jack-o-lanterns = 0
Mosquitoes = billions and billions