November 9, 2006


Our latest TV addiction is I Pity the Fool. The new "Dr. Phil meets Tony Robbins meets..." uh... meets Mr. T?

There is, of course, only one Mr. T, and this show does star him. Each week, he takes on a problem - a family whose boys don't respect their mother, an unmotivated car sales staff, a lazy husband/father, and spends three or four days getting them straightened out.

There's no way any of this sticks, and some of the scenes are obviously staged, but from the addictive theme song to the periodic T-isms ("No mo jibba jabba!") to the theme of each episode ("Creativi-T") to the breakneck recap at the half-way point to the rap-recap, the show is 100% joviali-T, festivi-T and hilari-T.

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