December 29, 2006

boise thoughts

On our Thanksgiving trip to Boise, we didn't really talk a lot about the city in general. I don't know that we came away with big impressions... just interesting ones.

There are a lot of transplants there, especially in the newer parts of town where John and Michelle live. There seems to be an exodus from the west coast (and their skyrocketing housing costs) by both people and businesses.

Their city Meridian (just to the west of Boise proper) is booming. The town is split up into section lines, so it's pretty easy to navigate, and at each section intersection, you've got all kinds of big box stores and strip shopping popping up. It really feels a lot like Sim City - you have these big residential sections zoned off, and heavy commercial at the intersections!

Contrast that with the area we stayed in around Boise State University - there are lots of older homes throughout the area. Each day, we'd take Hwy 20/26 (the "old" highway west) and see downtown, the near and far suburbs. We stopped in at Fred Meyer a couple of times just to marvel at the variety.

If you're househunting in Boise, try this link: Boise homes.

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