December 16, 2006

in sympathy

Please say a prayer today for the family of Morgan Reynolds. She passed away during the night after battling mitchondrial disease for her entire 2 1/2 year life. Her mother, Leslie, grew up at our church (she now lives in Atlanta). Morgan's grandparents and great-grandparents are still members of First Baptist. I don't know Leslie personally, but I know many people who do, and they all have wonderful things to say about her. Leslie is only two years older than me, and I cannot imagine being in her shoes today.

I have followed Morgan's life via their website, and felt a special interest since Morgan was just a month older than our niece Reganne. Morgan's older brother, Carter is only five years old, and I'm sure he is struggling with this reality today.

This is just one reminder that in the midst of this happy holiday season, there are those who are suffering tremendous pain.

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