January 20, 2007

of some import

I've been chided for not blogging recently, so I thought I'd detail my latest obsession: ripping our CDs.

A couple years back, we moved into this house and realized what a ton of CDs we had. Granted, organizing your CD library isn't usually on the top of your list. However, I had a bit of extra time and cash flow over this Christmas, so I splurged on a bunch of multi-colored sleeves and boxed up all our jewel cases.

I thought we had ripped all of this before... but evidently in some set of computer migrations, a bunch of our tracks had disappeared. Now the task is to a) see what we have on the system now and b) add back anything missing. It's a bunch... and it's why I'm blogging at 12:11 a.m. :)

If you're curious, I'm ripping as 160kbps MP3s so that they can be played on the widest variety of devices. Last CD ripped: Eric Clapton: Unplugged.

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