February 2, 2007

snow day!

The phone rang at 7:30 this morning, and I hadn't been awake long enough to realize that it had snowed. I knew that it had when I answered, and it was Sara and Alysa's mother. Day care was closed, and both parents had meetings at work, and so the girls are here for the day. It worked out great because I had planned to be home today anyway.

Snow days are much more fun with kiddos. Sara is four and was absolutely beside herself when she arrived. She had told her grandmother on the phone that there was snow all over the town and that she couldn't eat all of it. We played in the snow for a while this morning, although Alysa was underwhelmed by it all. When you can't walk yet, snow just doesn't have the same appeal. Sara is not really into making a snowman yet. She prefers to carry it around and then throw it. She played hard, and both girls are now taking (hopefully long) winter's naps.

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