March 23, 2007

back to life

I'm happy to say that I am well on the road to recovery this week. I spent five long days in bed with the flu, which went into a little bit of bronchitis, but it's nothing that a Z-pak can't handle. When I went to the doctor last week, they sent me to the lab to have blood drawn. I hadn't eaten anything and was slightly nauseous. After the technician took three vials of blood, I threw up and nearly fainted. Fortunately, Patrick was there with me. I went back this week for some follow-up blood work, and the tech from last week saw me and told the tech who was about to take my blood, "You'd better lay her down." At least I'm memorable. They laid me down this time, and I was fine. Of course, I was feeling about 1000% better.

Our Dell laptop isn't doing as well, however. Dell replaced the motherboard, but it's still not charging. They are sending a new power adaptor. We'll get our money's worth out of that extended warranty yet!

In other news, the magical wonder-niece got a cool new BIG GIRL BED!

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