March 2, 2007

why we're slow posters

Some of our more regular readers (hi Mom!) may have noticed that the velocity of our postings have slowed down over the past few months. This can be attributed to several things:

1. In my new job, I have a lot more 7:30-4:30 focused content than I did in my previous one. In my previous job, there were more extended times of "hit button, wait for results" and "send email, wait for response." Now, there are a lot more "give response to someone who sent email" and "put out fire." I think I've said it before that the old job was more about pushing bits and responding to people. The new job is all about people, and very little about pushing bits. All that to say, there's less waiting time to think and compose posts.

2. Lydia's not behind a desk 8/5 anymore. Although I bet she's still online 40 hours a week, like me, she doesn't always have the occasion to think and compose. Her online time is more purpose-driven: answer these emails, find this smocking plate, research this purchase, etc.

3. Things are going great for us. I love my job, Lydia loves her part-time job, we love our family, we love the friends we have, we love our neighborhood... there just isn't a lot out of the ordinary that we want to post about.

4. Things are in progress. A good example would be the car post before this one. For various reasons (some potentially legal,) we wanted to tell the WHOLE story before posting. There are some other things (not as huge as the car) that we want to post about, but aren't ready for posting yet.

5. Things are private. There are some things that we wish we could post about to ask for prayers - things affecting people we know... but for one reason or another, would not be appropriate to talk about. Suffice it to say that there's probably a thread of need like this behind every blog that you read and every face that you pass, and we're called to pray for each other. Thanks in advance for the prayers you lift.


Christina said...

Good points! I will say it sometimes freaks me out when someone I haven't talked to in awhile says they've been reading my blog. I forget that I have a lot of "silent" readers and I am always afraid I am going to slip up and blog something I shouldn't. I recently griped about something and had to remove the post because I realized it might hurt the feelings of one of my readers because it was due to her canceling her wedding- whoops!....

Anonymous said...

Patrick, I have to say that I am VERY disappointed that you are not posting as often anymore. I occasionally have bouts of insomnia and your webpage has been an invaluable tool in fighting it. I was sorry to hear about your car accident, too. That sore neck could be the start of a serious injury that needs months of therapy. The driver of that Navigator, as well as the other drivers involved, the auto manufacturers, insurance companies, and possibly even the State of Tennessee all need to compensate you. You need a lawyer! I'm just glad to hear you didn't "slap any meat around" after that accident -- no, wait...that's your joke!