April 25, 2007

i am officially old

I don't know exactly the day, but sometime in the past few months, I had a very significant event happen that signaled my transition from "young guy" to "not so young guy." I discovered Twitter, and I couldn't bring myself to do it.

Katherine reminded me of this - well, sort of reminded me. It's more like she indirectly made me aware of the fact when she posted about Twitter, and later how she better understands it and is now Twittering.

By now, you're probably wondering what the heck it is. Their tagline "What are you doing?" is essentially it. Twitter-ers "check in" to Twitter with what they're doing right now. If you're blogging, you Twitter that you're blogging. If you're headed to Starbucks, you're pumping gas, you're asleep, whatever. The idea is that if you that your friend is headed to see Superman 17 at the Regal 98, you might be able to hook up with them and go to the same movie.

Maybe it's because (like Katherine) my Twitter would be something pretty exciting like:
- At my desk
- in a meeting
- in a meeting
- in a meeting
- eating lunch at my desk
- in a meeting
- in a meeting
- in a meeting
- at my desk

Or maybe it's because I can go five minutes and not wonder where all my friends are. Or maybe it's because I don't have any friends? :D

Really, this is kind of the first "big Internet thing" that I haven't been able to get my mind/time/workflow around... so that must make me old. I could do Digg, and I could also do MySpace (although I pretty much elected not to do so) but this is beyond my mind map. Now I have a bit of a perception of why some parents don't get rock music...


Dave said...

Wow, if I understand it correctly, that's a little odd, I have to agree. Does that mean I'm getting old too? :-) I DO have a myspace page, although I barely use it.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like good "time and motion study material".