June 10, 2007

jedi park hoppers

Last weekend was Star Wars Weekend at Disney-MGM Studios, and Lydia and I joined in the festivities. We spent our first weekend day at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, but all day Saturday at MGM.

On a normal park day, MGM sometimes seems like an unfinished park, with vacant attractions, under construction sections, and random characters from TV, Pixar and whatever. With the Star Wars attractions, shows and parades, the park seems full. Some of the best times are just random encounters with stormtroopers or other characters throughout the park.

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Anonymous said...

Hello P&L. Enjoy your website. Thanks for the links to other family sites.

Received your "POP" card -- thank you very much. I truly appreciate your being so thoughtful.

(I looked for a link to send you an e-mail, but..............)

Love ya' Pop