August 7, 2007

Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Trunk Release

So the "check engine" light came on in our Corolla the other day, prompting Lydia to react, "I didn't know Toyotas had 'check engine' lights."

When I took it into the dealer to have it cleared, it of course cost half a G to replace the "knock sensor." Note that there wasn't a problem with the engine, rather a problem with the thing that tells you if there's a problem with the engine.

The week after, the light came back on. I started to get the feeling that Toyota repairmen are like Maytag repairmen.

Today, I returned to the dealer and found out that the "service manager" I dealt with last week has been let go. Coincidence?

As of this afternoon, the dealer has reset the check engine light, but can't seem to make sure that it won't come on again. They've got a call in to Toyota to run all the diagnostics to make sure that it stays off. There seems to be an issue with the computer.

When I IMed Lydia, she came back with...

[15:40] Lydia: did they reboot? ctrl-alt-delete?
[15:41] pwattstn: Command - Open Apple - Shift - Esc
[15:41] Lydia: and honk
[15:41] pwattstn: ROFL
[15:41] pwattstn: Shift - Honk - High Beam
[15:41] Lydia: trunk release

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Anonymous said...

The Car Talk guys recommend black electrical tape to resolve "Check Engine Lights".