August 24, 2007

stages of the summer cold

  1. Inability to focus. Looking at a page and reading it, and then realizing you took none of that information in.
  2. Weird sleepless night/dreams
  3. Realization that it's not hay fever
  4. Start popping the Airborne
  5. Fall asleep early
  6. Wake up with a stopped up nose, feeling like you haven't slept
  7. Stay home all day, popping Sudafed
  8. Fall asleep early, wake up at midnight with a sore throat
  9. Pop all sorts of things in a vain attempt to get sleep
  10. Go to work, get told you need to go home
  11. Go home at lunch
  12. Nap
  13. Wake up with a sore throat
The next step is "pray it doesn't go into a sinus infection."


Anonymous said...

It's probably allergies, not a summer cold, Redbeard. I've always heard Tennessee is the worst state in the union for those!

Emmitt said...

Everyone in my office has this now.