September 5, 2007

between a rock and iPod place

Apple's big iPod announcements today all seem to have a "throw them a bone" factor involved. What Apple wants is to give you a "phone-less iPhone" with a ton of storage, but flash memory prices haven't caved to the point where they can do that. So what do they do for this Christmas? Flashy shuffle colors, a pudgy little feature-laden nano, the "old" iPod with ludicrous amounts of storage, and the "phoneless" iPhone with double the flash storage of the iPhone, sure to tick off hundreds of recent iPhone purchasers who didn't really really want the phone, and are now slaves to AT&T.

Where's the "iPod Touch" with the 160GB drive? I'm sure folks wouldn't mind a slightly weightier and thicker device that could store 3400 hours of music.

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