January 2, 2008

post-holiday update

Yes, we are still here even though we haven't posted in a while. We spent Christmas in Texas with Patrick's parents. Patrick's sister and her husband drove from Atlanta.

It was our first time to fly into Love Field since the Wright Amendment was repealed. According to the terms of the agreement, flights from outside the Wright Amendment area cannot be non-stop for another few years, so we stopped in Birmingham, but didn't have to get off the plane. Love Field seemed ill-equipped to handle the large numbers of holiday passengers. Baggage claim was chaotic at best. Of course, at the holidays there are lots of people who don't normally fly and are completely overwhelmed by the process. Fortunately, we know a few tricks to speed things up, including the little-used hidden security checkpoint at Love. Thanks to Southwest's new boarding procedure, however, Patrick and I don't board at the same time. He did save me an aisle seat near the bathroom. ;-) We used the trip as a chance to think through how we would handle things with a baby in tow. Our son will probably have a Rapid Rewards number before he gets his Social Security number.

We had a good time with the family in Texas. We don't have any pictures because I was too tired and didn't feel like waddling around any more than necessary. Christmas dinner was a huge spread at the Patricks' in Allen, TX. We saw a performance of A Christmas Carol in Ft. Worth on the night after Christmas. We made a quick shopping trip on Thursday morning before our flight to procure some items for our Texas Cowboy nursery. I even managed to work in a couple of good naps while we were there.

Patrick used the time after we got back to clean out and organize the garage and attic. We are ready for the influx of baby goods!

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