February 18, 2008

firsts not in the baby book

First department store: Macy's this past Saturday

First restaurant: Pei Wei last weekend

First double-digit diaper day: Feb 5 - 10 diapers

First successful time of any significant duration in the swing: tonight

First webcam time with great-grandparents: tonight

First time being babysitted: last Sunday morning by Lydia's parents while we went to Sunday School. Adam performed just as we told him to, he slept and only pooped once.

First visit to Dad's work: today

First awake visit to Dad's work: not occured yet

First visit to a discount store: Big Lots this past Saturday

First bottle: last Friday after...

First (probably) unnecessary trip to the pediatrician: last week when he was showing a little fever (about a half a degree) and was having trouble getting to sleep because he was fussing so much, which produced his...

First trip back to the hospital: today, to have a follow-up visit with the lactation consultant. He passed with flying colors. He's doing everything right... he just needs to do it more often.

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