February 9, 2008

Nap, please

I'll take sleeping stints like this any time:

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John Watts said...

I'll share "The Secret" that parents keep and only tell other parents. Sleeping through the night is a myth. Sure the kids will trick you with long stints of sleep then...teething and they'll be up all night. Then they will get sick...up all night. They they learn a new skill and can't sleep. Then they have nightmares, then they want to sleep with you. Then they'll sleep over and you'll worry about them. No kid really sleep through the night, every night. There was even a study by Dr. Dobson that some kids cry every night and parents learn to "tune them out" and not realize that they aren't sleeping through the night.

The best thing to do is not obsess about the amount of sleep you aren't or are getting, but learn to function on it. The best part for us was having family stay with us the first month of Reganne's life so we could sleep a little extra.

Now you know "The Secret."