February 2, 2008

news from the nest

Friday was a good, somewhat busy day. Lydia's parents came over and brought lunch and helped us get the house in order. We still had hospital bags that weren't unpacked, and had some things that never made it to the hospital that needed to be put up. They were a big help!

Then, the Owens famly came over to bring us a great dinner. When you're a bit bleary from the eat-change-sleep infant cycle, adult conversation, wonderful comfort food, and smiling faces of a five and two year-old can really renew your spirit!

Later that night, we had our first "inconsolable" stretch with Adam. He was just confused about whether he was hungry, gassy or sleepy. After about an hour of off-and-on whining, he went down. All seems to be well in the overnight stretch.

I hear noises... gotta go...

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