February 2, 2008

we're all awake and interesting cries

All three of us got GREAT naps this afternoon. I really needed it particularly.

So one of Adam's interesting characteristics. According to people who've been on Oprah, there are five distinct baby "cries" based on what ails them: "neh", "owh", "heh", "eair", and "eh." Watts babies in general go for a modified "neh" which comes out "lah (short a)" or "leh."

Adam, however, when he gets really annoyed that things aren't going his way, comes out with a "uh-THAH!" It doesn't happen often, but when it does, we know we have a couple of levels to work back down through to get to "soothed."

Anyone with the gift of tongues, feel free to interpret. :D

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Anonymous said...

Adam is wonderful and you will enjoy all of the "moments" of parenthood. Just remember he comes wiht his own instructions and schedule, and he will let you know what they are. Enjoy your naps when he naps and this is the easiest time; feed, change, sleep, and love. Take care, Love, Dianne Kostur