March 7, 2008

my day

Today we left the house early to go to consigment sales. I'm not sure what they are, but Mama likes them a lot. First we went to a place called a "school." Mama put me in the stroller by herself for the first time, but when we got to the building, there were lots of STEPS! A nice lady came by and helped Mama get me and the stroller inside, which was good because it was cold and wet. I was very brave. Mama saw her friend Miss Kim there, and she was shopping for her grandson, but he's still in his mama's tummy. I'm much bigger than him. Everywhere I go, people talk about how small I am, but I feel so big!

Next we went to a church, but it wasn't our church. Thank goodness, there were no steps! Mama got me some nice things there.

Then we went home, and I was very hungry. Mama fed me, and while I was eating, I spit up all over me and Mama. It doesn't hurt, though, because the doctor gave me some special medicine. After that, Mama changed my poopy diaper. I forgot to go pee-pee before she took the diaper off, and so it went all over me and the pack-and-play. Then Mama put an outfit on me that had puppies and fire hydrants on it. Mama thought that was funny, but I don't get it. Mama is doing laundry now. She does that a lot.

I'm all tired out from my exciting morning. I think I'll sack out for a while before Daddy comes home.
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