March 27, 2008

two months old

Adam, it's been a bumpy month. Not as bumpy as it could have been, I guess, but bumpy nonetheless. Not so much for you, but for us.

You've been doing a lot of growing... from seven pounds and change to almost ten now. You're not a lot taller, but you are a lot different. In the beginning, you looked a little like a miniature boy to me... and now you're 100% baby. Before, we almost had to pull out the bungee cords to keep the diaper on you, and now, we're hoping we can use up all the small ones we're using right now before you grow out of them!

The rough spots along the way for us have been mainly figuring out how you like to sleep. You're not too big on the concept... awake more than you are asleep unlike your peers who tend to be the other way around at this stage. The new soy formula is helping you keep your dinner down and probably keeps you from waking yourself up.

Lucky for us, when you are awake, by and large, you're happy. We had an epiphany just last night when we put you down to sleep in your car seat. You appear to have a thing for snuggling, and this artificial snuggle device really comforts you, and gives us a few consecutive hours for us to sleep ourselves.

The roughest time was probably this week when Dad became violently ill right after your baby dedication at church. All the family helped, but Mom and her parents really stepped up to the plate, staying at our house for a couple of days to help us weather the storm. It was still a special day for you.

But Dad getting sick wasn't your fault. You've been doing what babies are supposed to do. Eat. Poop. Cry. Sleep. But then, one day, you did something that we didn't expect, but something that just changed the whole world for us. Smile. Not that we didn't ever expect you to do it, but just that you did it so soon. And you won't know for many more months what it means when someone you look at smiles back at you... your vision hasn't gotten to that point, not to mention your cognitive development, but when you do, you'll find out just how wonderful it is, and why it was such a big deal to us.

We love you,

Mom and Dad.

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Anonymous said...

This is great!! The smile is wonderful!! It is just the first of many many surprises Adam has in store for you!!