May 31, 2008

naming rights

For the past two weeks at the Maryland Farms Y, the main women's locker room at the Y has been closed while it is being re-tiled. I'm sure it will be wonderful when it is finished, but in the meantime, everyone has to use the "Mommy and Me" family locker room, which is quite small. The first week wasn't so bad, but then school let out, day camp started, and the pool opened and it has been pandemonium ever since. I like to go leave Adam in the nursery, workout, and have a nice, quiet, hot shower, but this week the place has been overrun with kids coming in from the pool and day camp, plus the all the women who would normally be in the "big girl" locker room.

Anyway, the other day a mother was in there with her two children, named Christian and Baylor. I couldn't help thinking, will they name the next one "Waco"? Or, you could continue with the Baptist university theme and name him or her "Belmont." Of course, if it meant free tuition, I would have considered naming Adam "University of Tennessee."


Anonymous said...

This post is so very funny to me!

First of all, I thought I was the only one who knew the best kept secret of the MF-YMCA! I was so irked when I got that e-mail about the closing of the main women's locker room and how everyone was encouraged to use the "Mommy & Me" one near the indoor pool. My wail of "NOOOOOOOOOO" was surely heard all the way to Brentwood! I simply haven't gone to the Y the past two weeks but I shudder to think that my "secret" is now out!

Second, I know the Mom and two kids you referred to. They go to church with me. We're Church of Christ! ;)


(If you're wondering who I am, I'm a friend of Kat Coble and fellow blogger.)

Anonymous said...

I know of another Baylor living in north Texas. When my nephew, Kyle, was born, my father, an Aggie, lobbied diligently for the middle name "Field". He had to settle for his own name used as the middle name of his first grandson:)

In a similar vein, when Kyle's brother was named Brock, I lobbied for the use of his mother's middle name to be used. That guessed it: Lee. For some reason, they chose to name him after his father and one of his uncles.