July 12, 2008

recent things of minor awesomeness

  • Costco's super-giant pack of paper towels no longer has each individual paper towel roll shrinkwrapped for retail sale inside of a giant shrinkwrapper. I wonder what genius figured that one out. Forget the environmental benefit and savings to the manufacturer in materials and incremental shipping cost. Now I don't have to tear into one every time we run out.
  • More flavors for Fiber One bars. Really, I love these for the taste, not just the fibery goodness (don't tell John McEnroe.)
  • Nightshot video cameras, X10 wireless video senders, Picture-in-Picture, a PowerBook, and ustream.tv
  • Scrabulous
  • The fact that I have 90% of the new iPhone features when I updated my iPod Touch with the new generation of software. That never happens.
  • GPS provided by Mr. T
  • Google Alerts
  • Thanks to twitterbook, cronjob.de, net2ftp.com, and e-rice.net, my "status" is everywhere whenever I update Facebook.
  • Sleep
(I told you it was minor awesomeness.)

Oh, and if you're a regular AdamTV viewer, please know that he's going on summer hiatus for a little while. We'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming as soon as possible.

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