September 16, 2008

my recent adventures

I have been a very busy boy lately. Last week, I came down with my first cold. I didn't feel very bad, but I DO NOT like it when people wipe my nose. Mama took me to see the doctor because we were going to Texas that day. I smiled at the doctor, and she said it was okay for us to fly on the airplane go see Grandpa Dave and Grandma Pat.

Later that day, Mama and I got in my van and picked Daddy up at his work. Mama and Daddy call the van "Van Halen." They think that's funny, but I don't get it. We went to the place where we get on the green bus. Mama put me in my airplane car seat, and we got on the green bus. It goes fast!

When we got to the airport, Daddy got something that goes on feet, but he put it on my head! Everybody who saw me thought it was funny. We were almost ready to get on the airplane when the man said we would have to wait because of someone named Ike. I never got to meet this Ike person, but he must be really important because a lot of people were talking about him and waiting because of him. We waited for a while, and then the loud man said it was time to get on the airplane and we had to hurry.

The airplane landed in a place called Houston, and more people got on the airplane with us. Those people were talking about the Ike person too and how they didn't want to see him. He must not be very nice. We had to wait for our turn to leave the Houston place, but I was tired and all this was taking too long.

The airplane landed again, and but we weren't at Grandma Pat and Grandpa Dave's house. We had to get on another bus and get in another car before we could see them. I fell asleep, and when I woke up, Grandma Pat and Grandpa Dave were there! I was so happy to see them!

The next day, I went to Grandma Pat's work place. I smiled at the nice people there. After that, we went back to Grandma Pat and Grandpa Dave's house and had supper.

On Saturday, it was time to meet some relatives. Mama said they were "cousins" and that their last name is the same as my middle name! I liked them a lot. Mama and Daddy went to a place where they saw some people my Daddy knew a long, long time ago. I stayed with Grandpa Dave and Grandma Pat and went back to their house.

On Sunday, it was time to ride on the airplane again. I wanted to stay awake, but I was just too tired. I was glad to sleep in my bed that night.

The next day, my ears felt funny. My daddy fed me my dinner, but it all came back up! On Tuesday, Mama decided we should go back to the doctor place. I saw Dr. Freeman this time, and I smiled at her too. She put the big black thing in my ears and said they were "infected," which must mean they hurt because they did. The doctor gave Mama a piece of paper, and I wanted to eat it, but she wouldn't let me. She said it wouldn't work that way. We went to the drugstore place, and Mama got me a toy that lights up and spins! We went home and she gave me some pink stuff that makes ears feel better. Right now, I'm tired so I think I'll snooze in the swing for a while.

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