November 22, 2008

two grand

In all the craziness of the past few weeks, I just noticed that we passed another one of those not-found-in-the-baby-book milestones: Adam has had over two thousand diaper changes. We average about five a day now, and so thankfully, that number won't increase as quickly as it did in the beginning. We also have a new leak record. Of course, that doesn't include leaks from the top end, which occur several times a day, but we have to rejoice in the small victories. I still love all the wonderful data he generates.

Diaper Data from Trixie Tracker:

Lifetime: 2050

New record! 940 hours since last leak
Old record: 693 hours set Apr 22

889 hours since last open-air accident
Best record: 1138 hours set Jun 15

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