December 12, 2008

my new friend

Today, Mommy and Daddy took me to a place called the mall. Mommy says there are lots of malls, but this one is where the real Santa is. Mommy also says there are lots of things to buy there, but they don't have any things she calls "deals." Instead of buying things, I got to meet someone special!

Mommy dressed me up in my special clothes, and Daddy met us there. When he did, we found a magical looking place... it was all red and green and gold and had pokey branches with pinecones on them. Daddy let me touch a pinecone, but he wouldn't let me eat it.

There were more kids there, one about my age, but mostly older. We waited in a line, but I was patient. Both Mommy and Daddy kept telling me that we were going to see someone named "Santa," but I didn't know who they were talking about.

All of a sudden, a lady with antlers said, "are you ready to see Santa?" I was mesmerized by her head decorations. Then, Mommy carried me over to a GINORMOUS chair. On it was an old man with a pretty red suit on.

I was amazed! He reminded me of Mister Larry because his voice was so gentle, only Santa was chubbier. He reminded me of Daddy, because he had hair on his face only it was longer and all white. He looked at me, so I looked at him for a while.

Then I noticed that Mommy was jumping up and down, and so was Daddy. They were snapping their fingers and waving like something was going on, but I just wanted to look at my new friend. He was so kind. He talked to me like he knew me... like he knew when I was sleeping. I knew he knew when I was awake, because I was awake right now... and then...

Daddy picked me up! When he did, I looked at Daddy, and immediately, put on my just-sort-of-sad face, because I thought I was making a new friend! Every time Mommy and Daddy hand me to someone, I usually spend lots of time with them, but I guess this time was different.

I miss Santa, but Mommy and Daddy got a picture of me and him together. I think I will like seeing Santa later, but for now, I'm glad I have a new friend.

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