April 27, 2009

oven roasted potato wedges

Adapted from this recipe.

Half sheet pan
Paper towels
Cutting board
Awesome knife
Aluminum foil (heavy duty preferred)
Metal balloon wisk
Medium bowl, preferably metal, to toss potatoes in
Oven preheated to 450 (475 if you're our oven)

5-6 medium sized potatoes or 2-3 bakers
1-2 tbsp vegetable or olive oil
kosher salt
pepper in a grinder
onion powder
chili powder

Cover the sheet pan in aluminum foil. The only reason for this: super quick cleanup!

In the medium bowl, combine the oil, a couple of tablespoons of kosher salt, 20 grinds of pepper, a teaspoon of onion powder and a couple of dashes of chili powder (or more, if you're brave.) Wisk them all together for about 20 seconds... not too long, but just to combine.

Wash the potatoes and cut them into wedges. Pat them dry with paper towels and throw them into the medium bowl. Toss for about fifteen seconds, or until you don't see any uncoated spots. The cool thing is that tossing them will separate the wedges.

Place the wedges skin-side down onto the sheet pan, and place in the preheated oven. After 25 minutes, check to see how brown they are. When you see black edges, you're finished.


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