October 3, 2010

Channels you get with a Nashville Comcast DTA and Digital package

We just got our notices from Comcast about the digital switchover coming to our neighborhood. Basically, we're going to get nothing on our TVs without a digital box.

Luckily, for the TVs we watch the most, we have our TivoHD hooked up with a cablecard, so we're covered there. However, in the extra bedroom, we have a TV hooked right into the line, so we had to do something.

Comcast offers two options, only one of which is free, so that's the one we took! It's what they call a Digital Transport Adaptor or "DTA" for short. Essentially, it's the least amount of technology they can put on the end of the cable to get you digital channels. The upside is that now everything is crystal clear... ghosting is a thing of the past. The downside is that it won't get all the channels that we get with the cablecard, and we still don't get Comcast onDemand.

The DTA in the extra bedroom is hooked up to a standard definition Tivo, so it's yet another Guided Setup and picking the channels we receive. In case you're in the same boat with your Tivo, hopefully, Google will pick up this post and you'll be able to see the list of channels that we get:

2-70 no change (62, 67-69 are still missing premium channels)
80 G4
81 Toon
99 Univision
100 CSPAN2
(it is beyond me as to why they don't put Weatherscan local in the clear on these boxes!)
104 Bloomberg
105 CSPAN3
110 Science
115 Bio
116 History International
118 Style
119 Lifetime Movie Network
123 Oxygen
127 Toon
128 Sprout
130 Discovery Kids
137 Hallmark
162 G4 (again!?)
176 Leased Access
177 TV Guide Network
179 Gameshow Network
229 WUXPDT2 (TheCoolTV)
246 WSMVDT2 (Telemundo)
248 WLLC-LP (Telefutura)
249 WTVFDT3 (ThisTV)
250 WTVFDT2 (NewsChannel 5+)
920 An inactive Comcast channel

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Remote Control Guy said...

I don't know why it took me so long to realize that Comcast would give me 2 free digital adapters for my non-digital-box tvs. I almost bought broadcast digital tuners at Consumer Depot, then the cashier clued me in.

For my workshop and kitchen, the basic channels and a few extra Bio and Discovery channels are great.