November 11, 2010

Creating Individual ZIP files from Folders in OS X

So today, I had this problem... which seemed simple, but Google failed me at first.

On my hard drive, I had a big folder of folders, kind of like this:

  • Main Folder
    • Folder 1
    • Folder 2
    • Folder 3
    • ...
    • Folder 200
And I wanted to create individual ZIP files for each folder (Folder, Folder, etc.)

When I tried searching for a solution, I came up with lots of ways to make one big zip file, or to make zip files one by one, but I had to look high and low to find something that would let me drag and drop, or automagically work through the folder list to create the files. What I ended up using was this solution at You just save an AppleScript as an application (or "droplet") and then you can drop the whole pile of folders on it and end up with exactly what you need. I just thought I'd post about it in case someone else is looking for the same solution... maybe it'll get Googled up when you search for "ZIP files from folders" or some such phrase!

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