December 7, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011!

We hope you have all had a wonderful 2011 and are looking forward to great things in the coming year. Adam is growing and learning more every day, and keeping us very busy! He will turn four at the end of January.

Adam continues to enjoy preschool. He went from two days to three days a week this fall, and his favorite things at school include feeding the gerbils and playing on the playground. His teachers say he is a smart kid and are pleased with his progress. He really wants to read... he knows some words and is writing with help and wants to know what everything says. His curiosity is wonderful and exhausting at the same time!

At church, Adam has lots of friends and many gifted teachers. Adam frequently asks to go to church when he wakes up, but many days we must explain that there aren't any activities for him there that day. Nashville's new convention center is being built directly behind our church, and Adam has enjoyed seeing the construction as it progresses. We continue to be involved in the music ministry at church and teach a newlywed Sunday School class.

In June, we all were able to attend the Waggener family reunion (Patrick's grandfather's side) in Martin, Tennessee. Adam got the award for the youngest family member present (3 years old), and Patrick's grandfather (Pop) got the award for the oldest person present. (91 years old).  We visited sites relating to family history and were able to spend quality time with relatives.

We had some more family time in July when Patrick and Lydia went to California for cousin Stephanie's wedding. Adam stayed in Nashville with Lydia's parents. We even managed to squeeze in some time with Mickey Mouse over the long weekend in the Los Angeles area.

Also in July, Patrick and Lydia had the amazing experience of attending a U2 concert at Vanderbilt Stadium. It was incredibly hot, but we had a great time and will never forget that night.

Patrick continues his work as the project leader for and has taken on an additional challenge this year working on a special project with LifeWay's technical development team. Outside of his day job, he has also worked with Keith and Kristyn Getty on their marketing and social media, played keyboard for a musical at the private school attached to Adam's school, and for our church's production of Celebrate Life! this past spring.

Just before Thanksgiving, we entered into a major home renovation project when we had our kitchen countertops replaced. It was quite an inconvenience and disruption, but we are now enjoying our beautiful new countertops and sink.

While we can't see all of our friends and family as much as we would like, we love keeping up with people through Patrick and Lydia's Facebook pages. We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and blessed new year!

-Patrick, Lydia, and Adam Watts

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