July 29, 2012

Things I need to remember the next time I reinstall OS X from scratch:

Reinstall Google cloud print. Figure out how to keep my iPod/iPhone I'm acting like it's a new computer. Figure out how to keep Google play from wanting to re-upload everything. Not much else, really. I decided to do a clean install of Mountain Lion this time because our 2007 iMac was really getting pretty sluggish. The neat thing is that there are a lot of iCloud preferences that just magically reappeared when I launched the new operating system. I didn't have to use "migration assistant" or anything. As far as snappiness, it appears about the same, except we have less beach balls. I do feel like I've shoveled quite a bit of data through our pipe, so I'll be interested to see how close we are to our cap this month.

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