September 12, 2003

filling up time

Well, it's Friday night, my birthday-eve, and I'm sitting here on the desk at FBN. It's "Parent's Night Out," and the least Lydia and I feel that we can do for our kidded-friends is work it since they normally don't have the luxury of deciding to take a night off. Luckily there's a computer here.

I'm sure I'll be spending time checking to see if Giles has updated his blog or if C-net has any earth-shattering news, but I'll probably spend a lot of time clicking my Next Blog bookmark. This is a cool little bookmark that sends you to Blogger's site and redirects you to a random blog somewhere on the net. It could be in Finnish, it could be a list of Howard Dean's libertarian leanings, or it could be a person documenting their gastric bypass surgery. (and... in the interest of full disclosure... it could be R-rated.) You never know.

At the very least, it is interesting, and can fill a lot of time while you're waiting for the next homeless person to come up to the door and ask, "is Pastor Rus there???"

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