February 17, 2004

iTunes - 1 out of 6 is baaad...

So my statistics have just cratered. I have just opened my fifth Diet Pepsi with the dreaded PLEASE PLAY AGAIN message. Only one of these six have had a winning iTunes number on it. Granted, every cap I open has a 33% chance, but I'm only at 16-2/3% as of today. At this rate, I'll need two consecutive winning caps to get me back on track.

The good news is, I don't hate Diet Pepsi as much as I thought I did. I am a big Coca-Cola advocate... you almost have to be with the proximity to Atlanta... but the Diet Pepsi has some of the same flavor characteristics: hint of cinnamon, not too sweet. I did have my first can of Diet Coke with Lime this weekend. It's much better than the previously released Diet Coke with Lemon which tasted like a byproduct of Joy Dishwashing Liquid.

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