February 19, 2004

itunes - 5 out of 10... but I have to confess...

As you can see by the talley, my iTunes contest numbers have risen significantly since the last post. However, this is because people on the Internet just can't seem to leave well enough alone when they figure out how to beat the system. They have to post it for the world to see.

So I figure that I'm pretty much sticking it to Pepsi with these winning bottlecaps. I haven't seen any breakdown of how the promotional downloads work... where the 99 cents goes. Previous reports are that the majority of the money goes to the record label, and I wouldn't see them granting 100 million gratis uses of their songs, so either Apple, Pepsi, or both are ponying up the cash to buy these things. Since Pepsi gets the $1.06 or so for each bottle (probably $.50 wholesale) they're probably footing the bill. And since I have no vested interest in the long-term success of Pepsi, I think I'll still purchase my Diet Pepsi using the 25 degree method. :-D

Of course, Apple probably knows their customers and the Internet community well enough to predict this happening. At least no one is threating the sites with the DMCA. Yet.

And, as previously prophecied, the bottle caps are showing up on eBay.

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