April 2, 2004

extreme makeover: car edition

We now have a new "show of the moment" to recommend... it's reality TV meets West Coast style. Believe it or not, it's on MTV, and, as such, has a title that probably wouldn't be suitable for a family-friendly blog such as ours. In each show, the host finds a deserving 18 to 20-something with a "beater" $500-$1000 car and lets West Coast Customs put about $20,000 worth of paint, electronics, wheels... basically stripping the car down to the frame and rebuilding it. The best part, watching the reactions of the owners (who probably had no idea they'd go to the lengths that they'd go when they turned their car over.) They find some pretty bizarre cars to convert too... like a Daihatsu HiJet.

When you Tivo this half-hour show, you can watch it in about 12-15 minutes... great fun in a short amount of time.

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