April 25, 2004

hurrah for raging menace software

Alex emailed me today and said the likely problem of SideTrack not working was a "stale kernel extension cache." All I had to do was fire up Terminal and...
sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions

and it's working great. It really does incredible things for your trackpad. I have the Expose F9 key mapped to the upper left-hand corner, right click mapped to the bottom left-hand corner (ahh... a right click....) and vertical scrolling when I drag along the right 15% of the mousepad. You don't need two mouse buttons when you have SideTrack. And it's freeeeeeeeeee!

Again... do they get Inter-Karma points when I link to them multiple times?? SideTrack SideTrack SideTrack SideTrack SideTrack

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