May 21, 2004


GmailI have one invitation to grant from Gmail. If you'd like to be a fellow beta tester, email me at patrickandlydia (at-sign) Be sure and tell me why you want a gmail account in your correspondance... if I get several requests I want to have some reason for choosing!


Anonymous said...

Lots of nice white space above.

Anonymous said...

Yeah - in IE you get whitespace til the bottom of your right-bar. Yet in Mozilla, the blog entries appear as they should at the top. - Lacy

Patrick said...

The whitespace issue was because IE evidently doesn't like to overlap things in CSS. My nice dark blue 600px date header bar was being forced past the float:ed menu on the right. Unfortunately, 100% does the same thing. Once I fixed the width of the header bar at 420px, it cooperates just fine.