May 7, 2004

hotspot - Atlanta Bread Company

Today, I had my lunch at the Atlanta Bread Company... in Nashville. (I didn't go to Atlanta for lunch.) This isn't really a new place for me, Lydia and I head there pretty often. This is, however, the first time I have surfed there. Through a deal from work, I get a great discount on their Half and Half combo. Any two of these three: half sandwich, half salad, or soup, plus a sourdough roll and a drink, for $3! Yeah, I'm gonna be going there a lot.

Today I had the half Caesar salad, which is as large as a full salad at most restaurants, and a half Turkey sandwich. The real deal here is the half salad. That could be a meal by itself. ABC is usually pretty busy at lunch, but I found a seat pretty easily. There are six or seven seats that have blank walls behind them, so private web browsing is a possibility. There is no outside seating.

The last time I tried this at ABC, I could connect to their wireless connection, no problem, but I never got an IP address. Their DHCP wasn't doing a thing. This time, I thought I was in the same boat, but after about three minutes of clicking the "Renew DHCP Lease" button, I got and I was online. I got full signal strength on my AirPort meter and about 450Kbps according to C-Net's bandwidth meter. I had no problem once I got connected. The food is five star... expecially for value... but because of the initial issues, I have to go with four stars. If it improves on repeat visits, I'll up my rating!
4 out of 5 stars

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