June 18, 2004

avoid Chi-Town

The strip of restaurants along Demonbreun near where I work has exploded over the past year, mostly in the fast casual genre. When I and a couple of co-workers went to try Chi-Town for lunch, we didn't really know what to expect. It purports to have "Chicago style" dining. That connotes deep-dish pizza to me, but Christopher's Pizza is just down the street. The reviews I read say that they specialize in Tapas, but that seems incongruous to the "Chicago-style" title. And, their big draw at night is a dueling piano bar. Well, at least we didn't have to deal with that at lunch.

I would love to review the food, but after thirty minutes, we still didn't have any! It was absurd. The waitress came by once to say, "we're waiting on the chicken" (we had all ordered chicken) and "we've got some issues today in the kitchen." So we paid for our cokes and went next door to Otter's and in about five minutes, had a great lunch.

Otter's is highly recommended. Chi-town, not so, at least for lunch. Otter's Otter's Otter's Otter's Otter's Otter's!!!

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